Martijn Bakker

Martijn (born 11 August 1987) is a Dutch singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Though he is primarily a vocalist, he also accompanies himself on instruments including piano,“Jammin’ and improvising on any instrument just makes me happy.” Martijn’s music is about all aspects of life. About traveling, music, doubts, loss and of course love.

He’s feeling most comfortable in a Soul band sound. Influences: Gregory Porter, Elton John, Raul Midon, Bill Withers, James Ingram, Ruben Hein, Wouter Hamel, Alain Clark.


Before 2020 Martijn was doing  a lot of gigs with different party bands and as a pianobar entertainer. At bars, festivals and all kinds of events. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic there suddenly was an empty calendar. So he decided to write and record his own music.

In 2021 Martijn has released 3 singles with his Martijn Bakker Band.